Smart Fibaro Wall Plug

  • Smart Fibaro Wall Plug

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    A smart switch with power metering for electrical device. 

  • With the Fibaro Wall Plug (type F, Schuko), you can see exactly what your energy consumption is. In addition to being compatible with Fibaro's own system, this smart plug also works with Apple HomeKit. There's a ring at the front of the (smart) plug, which shows the power consumption of the connected device using different colors. Insert the plug into the socket and insert the plug of the device into this adapter plug. In the Apple HomeKit app, you can see the power consumption on your smartphone and/or tablet. The app sends you a notification when the device isn't receiving power or when it's overloaded. 

    • Compatible with Apple HomeKit technology,
    • Wi-Fi for wireless communication,
    • Detects if electrical device is connected to it,
    • Measures active power consumption,
    • Measures energy consumption, easy installation,
    • indicates state and consumption using multicolor LeD ring 
    • Power supply: 230V AC, 50 Hz
    • Rated load current: 10A - continuous load
    • Power output (for resistive load): 2300W - continuous load
    • To be used with E or F type (Schuko) sockets:
    • Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Safety classification rating: home and office use only
    • „iPhone“/„iPad“ 
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