Smart anti-lost device iTag

  • Smart anti-lost device iTag

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    Things are constantly disappearing? iTag will help you!

  • iTag - the smart anti-lost device based on Bluetooth. You can attach your device to a bag, keys, mobile phone, pet, child, and more. If you lose it, leave it, or if the object you are following is no longer near you, an alarm will sound to indicate that you have moved too far from the object. An effective distance in the open can range from 3 to 14 meters. This means that if you are within 3 meters of the object, the iTag will emit a signal and show its location on your smartphone (this will require a mobile app download). The gadget will allow you to track the location of your iTag both via radar and on the map.


    • Bluetooth 4.0;
    • Works with Android, iOS;
    • Battery: CR2032 (available at most supermarkets).
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