Heating blankets and pads

  • Electrical heating blankets, pads, jackets

    Camry Electric blanket CR 7417 Grey
    Code: CR 7417

    Electirc heating throw-blanket with timer, 150 x 160

    Price 5560 VAT incl.
    Adler Electric Blanket heating - pad AD 7415
    Code: AD 7415

    Provides relaxing warmth and comfort. 40 x 30 cm 

    Price 1509 VAT incl.
    Gallet Electric blanket GALCCH81
    Code: GALCCH81

    Electric warming blanket of polyester, 160 x 80cm 

    Price 3179 VAT incl.
    Gallet Electric blanket GALCCH160 Blue
    Code: GALCCH160

    Number of heating levels 3, number of persons 2.

    Price 6019 VAT incl.
    Camry Electric heating under-blanket CR 7421 White
    Code: CR 7421

    The electric blanket provides you with relaxing warmth and comfort. 

    Price 7417 VAT incl.