Smart backpack Smartonly A8012

  • Smart backpack Smartonly A8012

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    A code lock for a zipper and a power bank for a gift! 

    Earphone jack
    Water resistant surface
    Resistant to water and dust
  • Smart backpack - Smartonly A8012 - more than fashion! A functional and comfortable backpack - an integral part of modern society - not only for school or work, but also in everyday life. 


    • Nylon fabric
    • Size: 42x30x13 cm, can load 14inch laptop
    • Hidden anti-theft zipper
    • Special compartment in the back of the backpack for important items (documents, etc.)
    • Padded braces and back for more comfortable wearing
    • Special belt for carrying the backpack on the suitcase
    • The front of the backpack is hard, resistant to punctures, tearing, cutting or protecting items inside.
    • Inside there is a special compartment for the computer and safety belts that protect the computer from mobility (if the backpack falls, the computer will remain stable).
    • Inside the backpack are much smaller compartments for various items.
    • The backpack opens at an angle of 90 degrees (the principle of a suitcase, so you can put or remove items even more conveniently and spaciously.
    • A built-in USB cable so you can charge your phone or any other smart device.
    • A small compartment on the backpack brace for small items (cards, keys, etc.). 

    You will get a code lock for a zipper and a power bank for a gift!

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