Robotic vacuum cleaner - help for the modern housewife

Robotic vacuum cleaner - help for the modern housewife

Not only is modern society using the latest mobile phone or computer technology, but also household appliances that are increasingly on the market. One of them - the ever-expanding and still growing product category - the smart dust soup-robot.

It is an indispensable helper for every modern housewife who wants to spend her time better by entrusting conventional housework to modern technology. Not only does your vacuum cleaner robot save you time, but also energy.

New in our e-shop - iLife V5S Pro. This vacuum cleaner is a leader in the robotic vacuum cleaner category in terms of price and quality. The price of this pump is one of the lowest on the market for similar types of pumps, but one of the best in terms of parameters and quality. The pump is also guaranteed for 2 years.

Key Benefits of the iLife V5S Pro Vacuum Cleaner:

  • 2 different cleaning methods. This is one of the most important and most privileged dual functions of this pump. The dry cleaning and washing functions make cleaning the floor much easier. With the dry cleaning function, the cleaner easily removes hair, dust, sand and other small debris. Meanwhile, the wet cleaning function dampens and cleans hard floors.
  • A powerful engine. It is possible to adjust the pump motor power. Two side brushes allow dust to be collected from more difficult locations.
  • Quality cloth and high capacity water tank. The high quality microfiber cloth easily removes dirt from the hard floor surface. The water is evenly distributed and moistened with a cloth and the water in the tank is enough to clean up to 180 sq.m. premises.
  • 4 different cleaning modes. The pump can be used to select the closest and most appropriate cleaning mode for you. Automatic cleaning function; perimeter cleaning function; pumping at the exact time; precise spot cleaning function.
  • Automatic cleaner charging. You do not need to think about whether the vacuum cleaner battery is fully charged. When the battery is discharged, the cleaner returns to its charging station and charges.
  • Obstacle protection. The cleaner's integrated sensor system with up to 26 sensors allows the pump to not stumble or fall down stairs.

Make your lifer better by purchasing a vacuum cleaner that will save you from falling for unexpected guests or just to spend more time on yourself. You can purchase the product in our e-shop: