MiniMu 220 Aroma moisturizer

  • MiniMu 220 Aroma moisturizer

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    Shines to create a cozy light in the home. 

  • The mentioned Aroma humidifier with a 220 ml container is made of high quality materials. A humidifier will make it much easier to ensure proper humidity in your home, which is especially important during the cold season when radiators and heaters are used to dehumidify the air. When the water level becomes too low, the humidifier switches off automatically. Essential oil can be added to this humidifier to fill the house not only with moisture, but also with a pleasant smell. Also, the humidifier shines to create a cozy light in the home, has 7 different colors of lighting. You can choose to change the colors or turn on the selected color. The simple yet elegant design makes this humidifier a stylish decoration in any interior. It is easy to use, just add water, add a few drops of essential oil, turn on and enjoy a pleasant aromatherapy. Can also be used only as a humidifier. This device, already popular with everyone, helps to ensure fresher, cleaner air and a healthy, harmonious living environment. 

    Essential oil is not included;
    Use only 100% natural water-soluble essential oil;
    Works only with the power cord does not have a wireless operation mode;
    Use 2-3 drops of oil (too much oil will clog the system);
    Do not exceed the maximum level when filling with water.

    Equipment: LED Aroma diffuser, charging cable, instructions. 

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