Nanoleaf Lines Squared Expansion Pack (3 panels)

  • Nanoleaf Lines Squared Expansion Pack (3 panels)

    Kodas: NL59E00-3SN00
    Kaina 4871 su PVM
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  • Gamintojas Nanoleaf
    Gross depth (mm) 275.00 mm
    Gross height (mm) 284.00 mm
    Gross weight 0.32 kg
    Gross width (mm) 323.00 mm
    Net weight 0.15 kg
    Packing quantity 1.00 pc(s)
    Paper/Pasteboard 100.00 g
    Plastic (No PET) 73.00 g
    Tare weight (kg) 0.17 kg
    Volume (m3) 0.03 m³
    Embeeded battery No
    WEEE tax No
    Box contents 3 x Lines; Square Mounting Connectors & Caps; Square Mounting Plates; Tape
    Producer product name Lines Squared Expansion Pack (3 panels)
    Technical features Expansion Pack for Lines Original Smarter Kit, compatible with Lines Squared Smarter Kit. Includes 3 Lines and mounting supplies. Connect up to 18 Lines with one Power Supply (for bigger layouts get an Add-on Power Supply from the Nanoleaf Shop). Please note, this is only an add-on Expansion Pack, requires Lines Smarter Kit to work
    Temperature control K
    Power supply voltage V
    Power W
    Luminous flux lm
    Life time h
    Width mm
    Height mm
    Gross depth master carton 520 mm
    Gross width master carton 320 mm
    Gross height master carton 280 mm
    Net weight master carton 8.15 kg
    Tare weight master carton 0.792 kg
    Warranty 24 month(s)

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