Vacuum cleaner YLUSPP y8s

  • Vacuum cleaner YLUSPP y8s

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    With washing and wet cleaning functions and 5 different operating modes.

  • The YLUSPP Y8s robot robot is a device with washing and wet cleaning functions and 5 different operating modes, reaching even the most inaccessible places in the room, such as the bedside, the floor under the cabinets. This beautifully designed, high-quality, small pump robot with a high adjustable suction power of 800/1400/1800 Pa and a system of memorable coordinates and precise positioning (gyroscopic navigation) moves consistently, leaving no untreated areas.
    With one charge, the robot-robot can work for 120 minutes and clean the premises up to 150 m² and return to the charging station on its own. It also has a run time programming function where you can set for yourself how long and when the pump should run. Can be controlled remotely or via a mobile app connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. If your home has sills or thicker carpets, you can’t worry, the YLUSPP Y8s will cross obstacles up to 15mm high. Very good choice for larger rooms, but also great for small rooms.

    YLUSPP Y8s has as many as 5 different cleaning modes:

    • Auto mode is the main cleaning mode for daily use. Pump movement is consistent, planned (AllCover algorithm).
    • Spot mode - used to vacuum particularly contaminated areas. When this mode is activated, the pump starts at maximum power, the spiral trajectory moves within a radius of 0.6 m.
    • Edge mode - for cleaning the edges of the room. When activated, the pump moves and sucks along the edges of walls or other side surfaces.
    • Max mode - the pump performs all work at maximum suction power.
    • Random mode - a simple adaptive motion algorithm.

    Sensor system:

    • 10 anti - collision sensors (protects against mechanical damage to furniture and other surfaces).
    • 4 anti-fall sensors (prevents falling from stairs and other higher places).
    • 2 side surface sensors (for edge mode operation, left and right).
    • 4 sensors for return to the loading station (for precise access to the loading station).

    The pump is not suitable for use on black surfaces.
    Wash (wet clean) function only on hard surfaces (not suitable for carpets).

    Power: 26 W
    Suction power: 800/1400/1800 Pa
    Dimensions (mm): 330 x 330 x 80
    Weight: 2.30 kg
    Dust collection capacity: 0.5 l
    Water tank size for wet cleaning: 0.3 l
    Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
    Charging time: 240-350 min
    Operating time after one charge when pumping: up to 120 min
    Operating time after one charge in wet / dry cleaning mode: over 120 min
    Sound level during suction: up to 65 dB

    pump robot
    charger with 1.5 m cable
    charging station
    Remote control
    1 dust filter
    2 side brushes
    cloths for dry / wet cleaning
    water tank for wet cleaning
    instruction and user manual (in English) 

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