Smart scales Acme SC202

  • Smart scales Acme SC202

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  • Smart Scales Acme SC202. Together with the ACME SC202 Bluetooth Smart Scale, you can track changes in body fat percentage. You will also be able to find out your body mass index (BMI) and assess whether it meets your age and gender standards. Another great feature is that the scales calculate the basic calorie intake needed to maintain normal body function. Dual signal technology makes measurements even more accurate. All the above data is automatically transferred to a special application on your phone. The scales are easy to use.


    Bluetooth: v4.0
    Maximum weight: 180 kg
    Body fat measurement: bioelectric full impedance analysis (BIA)
    Surface: tempered glass
    Display: LED
    Battery: 4 x AAA
    Dimensions: 284 x 284 x 25 mm
    Application: Weight, body fat percentage, basal calorie intake, BMI measurements

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