• PICOOC S3 Lite

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    Made of ultra-white tempered glass, which is characterized by lightness and strength. 

  • The Picooc S3 Lite smart scales will move your daily weighing to another important one. Advanced user recognition, Wi-Fi connectivity, ergonomic scale surface, ITO film and fast body weight measurement. Everything you need is in one device.

    One scale for the whole family
    Record the body parameters of each family member so you can track the changes. The Picooc S3 Lite automatically analyzes and recognizes each family member, so data will be transferred to the user's phone via Wi-Fi when measurements are taken. It's very simple, just climb on the scales and view the results in the Picooc app.

    Wide surface for comfortable weighing
    The rectangular Picooc S3 Lite scales are 340 x 260 mm in size, ensuring comfortable weighing. Their height is only 20 mm and the center of gravity is lower than necessary. The legs are arranged so that they do not turn to the side when climbing on the edge. Due to its size and unique design, stable and reflective feelings for everyone.

    Clever design
    ITO film is not only a technology, but also a work of art. Due to the high conductivity of the film, the measurement error was reduced to 1 / 10,000. ITO film does not completely change the text of the scales, irresponsible on the glass. It therefore remains particularly white
    the luster of tempered glass.

    Impeccable quality
    Picooc S3 Lite scales are made of route tempered glass, which is characterized by lightness and strength. High quality materials and stylish design will not leave you indifferent. For the apparently flawless one, the scales are made with every detail in mind.

    All information on your phone
    With the help of the app, each user will see the fluctuating history and body changes on their phone. But that's not all, with Picooc S3 Lite you can learn more than just your body weight:

    • Body weight measurement
    • Muscle mass
    • Mass of visceral explanations
    • Bone mass
    • Liquid content
    • Protein content
    • BMI (body mass index)
    • BMR
    • Body type
    • Biological age
    • Picooc evaluation 
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