Myki Spot White

  • Myki Spot White

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    Track your assets! 

  • MyKi Spot White uses a combination of GPS, A-GPS, WiFi and LBS technologies to provide maximum accuracy when locating your device.

    Can provide real-time information about the current location of your device. Choosing the Real-time tracking feature in MyKi Spot application will provide information about the device's location every few seconds for 10 minutes.

    With MyKi Spot you can set up to two Safe zones in a radius from 50 m to 10 km. You are able to personalize the Safe zone's name and color, choose a ringing mode for the device in the selected area, and even receive a notification when the device is in or out of the safe zones.

    Pet tracker mode/ SOS button mode/ Asset tracker mode

    MyKi Spot supports two-way voice calls. Incoming calls are only possible if the incoming number is added to a preapproved white list. Outgoing calls are initiated by the device to only 3 preset numbers in a predefined order.

    By pressing and holding the SOS button for more than 4 seconds, the device sends information about its location and initiates calls to a preset list of 3 SOS numbers.   

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