MiniMu Temperature and humidity device

  • MiniMu Temperature and humidity device

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    Shows the humidity level, temperature in the room and time. 

  • The MiniMu temperature and humidity device shows the humidity level, temperature in the room and time. Perfect for home interiors, is small, does not take up much space, has a foot that allows you to place the device on the desired surface or glue it to the desired location on the wall with the sticker on the package. You do not need to connect the meter with a cable because the battery is already inside.

    Humidity level is no less important than room temperature for a comfortable life. If the humidity level is higher than 60 percent. it is important to use dehumidifiers and protect the house from moisture, and if the humidity level is too low, which is especially typical in the cold period, it is necessary to use humidifiers. 

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