Xiaomi Jimmy Hair Dryer F6 PRO

  • Xiaomi Jimmy Hair Dryer F6 PRO

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    Extremely light, compact, powerful and economical hair dryer! 

  • The manufacturer Xiaomi introduces an extremely light, compact and powerful new technology hair dryer - Jimmy F6, which will control any type of hair and meet all your needs. The hair dryer has 3 speed-set and 3 temperature setting levels, thanks to which the hair is dried up to 30% more efficiently than other hair dryers (maximum air blowing speed even 18 l / s).

    PID's intelligent thermal control technology measures air temperature more than 50 times per second, ensuring that the air outlet temperature is 95 ° C and that hair does not lose moisture and remains smooth and shiny, and the innovative U-shaped double layer heating wire effectively ensures the temperature is as high as possible, smoother and protect hair from uneven heating or overheating.

    The high-speed turbofan motor is brushless, so the noise made by the dryer is significantly lower than other dryers on the market.

    Jimmy F6 has nano water and negative ion technology that ensures the removal of moisture from the air and the injection of its ions into the hair, making them extremely flexible, smooth and shiny. 

    Technical data
    Weight: 500 g
    Dimensions: 164 x 78 x 210 mm
    Hanging loop: No.
    Number of temperature settings: 3
    Number of speeds: 3
    Cold airflow function: yes
    Cable length: 1.8 m
    Maximum air speed (l / s): 18l / s;
    Maximum sound (dBA): 75dBA;
    Plug type: VDE
    Number of tips: 3
    Manual: yes
    Product color: Ruby Red
    Power: 1800 W
    Voltage: 230 V
    Engine type: Digital Motor

    Special features
    Noise Reducing
    Nano water Ion& Negative ion
    Air Speed: 3 settings
    Air Heat: 3 settings 

    In the package
    Quick-dry nozzle
    Styling nozzle
    Diffuser nozzle
    User Guide 

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