Smart watches-phones with SIM card

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    Smartwatch Kingwear KW18 Tarnish
    Code: 867846026184232

    Waterproof smartwatch, 24 functions, SIM card

    Price 6900
    Gift Wrapping
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    Price 500
    Smartwatch Kingwear KW18
    Code: 155731094988340221

    Waterproof, 24 functions, SIM card

    Price 6900
    Smartwatch KingWear KW06
    Code: 867841040752213

    Camera, GPS, WIFI, Heart rate monitor

    Price 13900
    Kingwear KW88 PRO 3G GPS Smartwatch
    Code: SKU#155732346583835111

    Smartwatch-phone, GPS, Wifi, SIM, Heart rate monitor and much more funkctions.

    Price 14000
    Smartwatch KingWear KW99 PRO
    Code: 867846024754531

    GPS, WIFI, SIM, Waterproof IP68, Heart rate monitor

    Price 17900